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Coaching Across Generations

No one can deny that generations are different on many levels. We have different lifestyles, habits, characteristics, needs, etc. This generational gap should be taken into consideration in almost every

How To Run Your Coaching Business During The Pandemic?

Amid these unpredictable times, many coaches have been struggling to adapt to this new situation that now has become normal. Despite how challenging it is to keep your coaching business

The Social Proof

The "Social Proof" is a very powerful negotiation and marketing tool. It goes like this: "People tend to naturally follow the group. When they have to take a decision but

The Law of Reciprocity

The video above is part of a series called "Behavioral Laws you absolutely need to know to grow your business". It aims at sharing timeless behavioral laws backed by Evidence-based

How to choose the right coaching program

So many people find it hard and stressful to choose the right coaching program that fits their unique needs. They get overwhelmed with offers and end up backing out of