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Are you struggling to tie your business efforts with the outcomes?
Without knowing what return on investment you achieved from your business actions, how can you be sure if you need to make a change or keep the status quo?
You know how important ROI is but you lack the analytical skills and tools to measure it?
How would knowing and measuring your ROI affect your future business investments and decisions?

Excellentia International Institute in partnership with the ROI Institute MENA Region offers you an ROI Workshop that will teach you how to measure and use ROI to know how effective your business efforts are and how to choose which investments to make.

It’s no longer enough to be creative and strategize – It’s now critical to use data-driven insights to craft meaningful narratives and drive results.

The ROI workshop is:

Endorsed by Top Executives and Organizations
Sought-after Designation
Designed and Delivered by the Thought Leaders
Valuable takeaways
Flexible Online Setting

The ROI workshop is designed for these important groups:

Team members who evaluate projects need a simple, user-friendly process.

Senior managers, donors, sponsors, and clients who fund, initiate, and support projects need a credible outcome, based on conservative processes.

Researchers, professors, and critics who must support the analysis need a proven process that is logical, reliable, and valid.

After the ROI workshop, participants will be able to:

Describe the importance of ROI
Determine which programs are candidates for evaluation up to ROI
target (2)
Develop application and impact objectives
Develop data collection plans and select appropriate data collection methods
Identify five ways to collect data
Identify three techniques to isolate the effects of a program
money-exchange (1)
Apply five steps to convert a measure to money
Tabulate appropriate program costs
Calculate the ROI
Identify intangible benefits
Update internal processes on evaluation

In Partnership With ROI Institute MENA Region

ROI Institute, Inc., founded in 1992, helps organizations evaluate the success of projects and programs, including measuring the financial return on investment (ROI).

We do this by providing workshops, consulting, coaching, briefings and presentations, research, and benchmarking. ROI Institute operates through a network of partners and associates in the United States and in over 70 countries with the help of over 100 ROI consultants.






ROI Consultants




ROI workshop instructor

Nader Bechini CRP, is Partner of ROI Institute and CEO of AIMS International he is also facilitator for Association of Talent Development (ATD) and International Coach Federation (ICF). Nader Bechini is passionate about assisting Learning & Development professionals in improving the process of their projects and showing their Value. He helps organizations build their internal capabilities and improving the effectiveness of their non-capital investments using the ROI Methodology®. His life mission is to make a positive change in this world through supporting change in behaviors.

During the last 17 years, he has led L&D projects in +20 countries in North America, Europe, Africa, Australia and Asia. In 2015, He has been awarded the Best ROI Institute International Implementation. This award honors individuals for their outstanding work in measurement and evaluation, and recognizes exemplary practices in research, design, and implementation of the ROI Methodology®.

Nader holds MSc in Marketing from University of Tunis Elmanar, Tunisia. He has served on the boards of several private businesses and non-profits. He facilitates workshops, consults with organizations, and speaks at conferences worldwide: ICF Converge (USA), ICF BDS, ATD ICE, ICF Australasia, ATD European Summit (Netherlands), Excellence Business Forum (Sudan), Team World Coaching (Russia)

Claim your spot in the workshop and step up your ROI game!