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About Excellentia International Institute – East Africa

Excellentia international institute (EII) – East Africa Chapter is a brunch of Excellentia international institute (EII) which is one of the leading institutions that work to develop people from all over the world by helping them tap into their inner wisdom, unleash their potential and develop more self-awareness for a happy successful life they dream about.

We believe in your uniqueness and potential, and as professionals we understand that growth is a process which if handled professionally with customized quality information can create positive change on both the individual and the societal levels, that is why we offer you an opportunity to be part of the family that will facilitate your growth.

Excellentia International Institute (EII) – East Africa Chapter provides you services that include: coaching, training and consultancy, both online and offline.

The Excellentia International Institute - East Africa chapter aims to:

Bring all our services closer to the East African community in a very professional and customized way that serves to suit the cultural and spiritual beliefs of the people the land.
Give East African people access to this practically life changing material and information
Introduce them to our international family, connect them to professional coaches, trainers and consultants, as we also link them to our diversified big cloud of determined coachees and trainees from all over the world to share experience and grow together as one big family

Our services are offered in three international languages namely:

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