How To Run Your Coaching Business During The Pandemic?

Amid these unpredictable times, many coaches have been struggling to adapt to this new situation that now has become normal. Despite how challenging it is to keep your coaching business thriving in the middle of a pandemic, some factors could yet turn in your favor. 

The virus remains an issue that must be taken into consideration through 2021, so we might as well adapt our services to this new situation.

Luckily for you, coaching is one of the businesses that can survive and thrive through the pandemic!

1. Provide Online Coaching

Coaching services are flexible and adaptable to change. Coaches usually have the freedom to decide whether to have their sessions online or in-person, depending on the client-coach relationship. Now that social distancing is present in the picture, it is necessary to consider online coaching. The latter gives you the chance to keep your business running without risking anyone’s health.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the world also witnessed a growth in executive coaching among professionals. Many companies switched to long-term remote work. As telecommuting can be tiring and monotonous for many employees, companies choose to implement coaching to prepare them for what comes next.

According to the Los Angeles Business Journal, Executive coaching witnessed a growing demand, during the pandemic, as managers faced leadership problems in the workplace.

2. Attend International Webinars

As much as we feel trapped and confined in one place, this pandemic also brought us the possibility to connect with people from all over the world. We might not have real life-events but we can certainly attend virtual ones wherever they are. 

Coaches should seize the opportunity of this wave of online events to promote their business, improve their skills, or simply meet and network with new people in the coaching world. 

At Excellentia International Institute, we host a variety of virtual events dedicated to helping coaches and people personally and professionally through the pandemic and providing the knowledge they need to grow their businesses, advance their careers, and live happier lives. One of those virtual events is a biweekly webinar called The Coaching Corner with internationally-accredited ICF coaches. Check out our past and upcoming virtual events here.

3. Improve your Social Media presence

With this rapid rise of technology, social media is becoming a powerful attraction tool that businesses use to promote their work. It’s an effective way to stay in touch with your target audience in times of crisis. In these ever-changing times, social media platforms remain unharmed as long as you have a good strategy and powerful content. 

Coaches can use their social media account to reach out to their clients through hosting live streaming videos, writing blogs, posting videos, recording podcasts, and promoting virtual events. That way, you get to engage with your audience virtually and remain present in the coaching industry.

4. Offer Free Sessions

In light of the inconvenience that the virus has created, coaching business owners can provide free services for individuals or companies. These services can vary from free coaching sessions, worksheets, or even free training where they share their knowledge. There are times when giving out free services is encouraged and helpful for the business growth. It can help you portray yourself as a thought-leader, promote your business to more people, and create a positive image of your business in the minds of your audience during these hard times.

Whether people will keep working from home or return to the office, they need guidance and preparation to cope with the current and upcoming events in their lives.

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Although things are slowly going back to normal, remote work may not be going anywhere. It is, therefore, necessary to adapt to this digital lifestyle and embrace its advantages.