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Excellentia International Institute’ is managed by ‘Excellentia International Institute’ () (“Excellentia International Institute”).


This document is a legal and it has legal consequences. If per chance you do understand all or any part of this document, we request you to seek advice from a legal practitioner.

1. Access and Use

By deciding to access and use this website (which includes registering for our online instructional and coaching services) you are agreeing with our terms and conditions of use. If for any reason you do not agree to these terms, please do now not use the web page. We have the right to make modifications to the contents at any time without any prior notice, so always check for updates from time to time. By using the website, following an update, you are agreeing to the terms of the replace.

These terms and conditions are subject to the legal guidelines of Tunis, Tunisia. The courts of Tunis shall have extraordinary jurisdiction over any disagreement between you and Excellentia International Institute.

2. Trademarks, Copyright, and Confidentiality

All contents and information in the form of text, video, audio, graphics, of this website remains the property of Excellentia International Institute. Also, all manuals, training, coaching and instructional materials provided by Excellentia International Institute are Copyright © 2017Excellentia International Institute. All Rights Reserved.  While all other trademarks, logos/emblems and service marks used in this website are the property of their respective proprietors.

The contents are covered by Tunisian and International Copyright and Trademark legal guidelines. No part or all of our contents should be modify, reproduce, copy, republish, frame, upload to a third party, post or distribute in any way without a written consent authorized by Excellentia International Institute.

The parts of the content which are you are approved to use together with your client will be clearly marked as such in the applicable sections of the website. This follows strictly with the conditions that all contents will not be tampered with in any way and will remain in the form as presented on this website. You may download and view the content with your web browser and this should be exclusively for personal and noncommercial purpose except as stated in Clause 5 – “License”. You must not in any way use this website, its contents and services for any purpose which is unlawful or in any manner which violates any right or which is prohibited by the terms of use.

Unless otherwise stated, by visiting this site you agree to keep private all coaching and training techniques, concepts, methods, processes, and all other materials that make up the content of the website, in the weekly training classes or as otherwise introduced by Excellentia International Institute.

3. License (Coach Training Programs

Excellentia International Institute grants you a non-exclusive license to make use of its coaching techniques solely for providing coaching services to individuals, businesses or organizations. And unless it is specifically permitted, you are not allowed to make our content accessible to the general public either on your website or through other means.

The authorship of all written materials reproduce by you must be credited to Excellentia International Institute including the copyright notices and contact information. You are not allowed to abridge, repackage or modify any materials from Excellentia International Institute without a writing permission from us.

You are not permitted to use materials from Excellentia international Institute or any of our coaching and training methods to train coaches.

4. Graduation, Requirements, and Revocation

Graduation from any of our training courses is at the sole discretion of Excellentia International Institute. This is to ensure and maintain first class training program. To graduate, you have to satisfy the minimum requirements and these include but not limited to:

i. the number of training hours

ii. number of weekly group training classes

iii. the period of being coached by a designated coach of the institute

iv. partaking in online discussion forums

v. appraisal tests or examination, and

vi. Ethical or moral conduct.

There’s estimated time frame for the completion of each program and it ranges from one day to five years. If you do not meet the criteria for graduation within the time frame, the institute may ask you to extend your training period. This may attract some additional fee to be determined by Excellentia International Institute.

The payment of fees does not guarantee graduation. However, for all students to graduate, they must have offset all outstanding fees at least a month earlier than the date of graduation.

Note that Excellentia International Institute has the right to revoke your graduation certificate and that you agree to return it, if at any time you do not work in accordance to the guidelines of the ethical conducts as periodically provided by the International Coach Federation. Your certificate can also be revoked if you contravene any other conditions of this agreement. And in case your certificate is revoked, your License to use the material will be invalidated and your fees are non-refundable.

Excellentia International Institute will present a certificate to each student upon the successful completion and graduation from the program they enrolled. The certificate will contain the name of the student, the certification obtained and the date of graduation. Each certificate will be numbered and recorded. Request for additional copies of certificate will attract a fee to be determined by the institute.

5. Services

Excellentia International Institute offers online and distance learning coaching programs and other similar educational services. We provide a License which allows you to use our coaching methods and client materials for a fee. This is in accordance to the commencement and syllabus phrases as stated on the web pages describing each course.

6. Payment of the Fees, and Late Fees

The stipulations for payment of fees are set out on the registration page of our website. You can make payment via the use of credit cards, bank cheques, international money order, or any other means specified by us. The institute has the right to cancel or put your course registration on hold if we did not receive payment of fees within the timeframe of your payment plan. Logins to your account will be suspended three days after your payment schedule has elapsed. And the full account will be closed fifteen days after payment plan has elapsed.

If you have made part payment (deposit) for a course, you are allowed to change to a course starting not later than six months from the date you made deposit. Note that you will be liable for any increment in fee over that period and if you did not make full payment over this period your deposit is non-refundable.

Failure to meet the above conditions, Excellentia International Institute will be force to take legal action against you and you’ll be liable for any legal costs incurred.

7. GST and Tax

All fees in US Dollars are quoted inclusive of GST (Goods and Services Tax), as stipulated in Tunisia, along with any other sales tax, withholding tax, and any other tax or fee imposed on a supply of the services (except for any taxes or fees to which Excellentia International Institute is liable).

8. Additional Costs to You

Once payment of fees had been made, you are entitled to access the training materials (in stages as Excellentia International Institute deem it fit) and the weekly group training classes. Your tuition fee comprises of the cost of engaging the teleconference bridge and providing your coach/instructor during the course.

You will be responsible for the cost of phone calls to the weekly group training class and to your coach every two weeks. Please bear it in mind that the thirty minute call to your coach may be within or outside your country. Also, you will be responsible for the cost of connecting to your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

9. Security

Excellentia International Institute is highly keen to ensure the security of our customers’ information, the confidentiality of both corporate and business information within the server hosting our website and our internal computer systems.

We do not encourage anyone to send confidential information to us through unencrypted email. As unencrypted email communications over the internet is unsecure. We have made provision for a secure web page where you can send financial information. We won’t be responsible for any confidential information you send to us over the internet using unencrypted email.

10. Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

a) This website, the services and content therein is provided “as is”, they have no implied or express warranty,

b) Excellentia International Institute, to the highest degree permitted by legal guidelines, explicitly excludes all terms, conditions or warranties of any kind implied by custom, statute or at common law,

c) We use web server that are reliable and offer quality service, however, Excellentia International Institute does not guarantee that i) our website, the content or services will be free from error or undisrupted, ii) that the network or server which save and send out content is free from viruses or other similar unsafe elements, or iii) that any fault will be corrected within certain period,

d) We will make all realistic efforts to ensure you have constant access to the instructional materials. Outside this, Excellentia International Institute do not guarantee or make any recommendation regarding your access to, or the outcomes of your access to, the website (as well as any associated or linked web page) or the services or any content in terms of precision, completeness, correctness, relevance, consistency or otherwise due to the actions or inaction of our web hosting company,

e) The coaching techniques and training offered by the institute as part of our services does not serve as a substitute for your self-determining judgment and understanding. Excellentia International Institute does not guarantee that the coaching provided and the coaching techniques used during the course of the training will work in any particular situation, for you or for your client. You and your clients are answerable and responsible for the outcome of your training using our coaching methods and procedures,

f) During the course of your training you may be asked to be coached by either a student coach or a qualified coach. You agree that you are answerable to all your actions, inactiveness or decisions taken as a result of your coaching. And that no charge will be held against Excellentia International Institute or your coach for the outcome of such coaching.

Excellentia International Institute will under no circumstances be held accountable for any incidental, indirect, big and small damages or loss of revenues as a result of whether you are able or unable to use or access the website, services and the content. You explicitly agree and accept that Excellentia International Institute does not have control over visitors to the website and we are not responsible for their attitude or opinion, as well as any information, advice, offensive conduct or insulting statements.

To the highest level as allowed by legal guidelines, Excellentia International Institute’ responsibility for violation of any stated warranty or stipulation which cannot be excluded is restricted to the decision of Excellentia International Institute to the following:

in the case of services and content provided by Excellentia International Institute, (a) the delivery of the services all over again, or (b) the payment of the fee for delivering the services again, and

in the case of products offered by Excellentia International Institute, (a) the substitution for the products or the delivery of similar products, (b) the repair of such products, (c) the payment of the fee for substituting the product or supplying similar products, or (d) the payment of the fee for repairing the products.

11. Legal Disclaimer

The information contained therein on this website is solely for individual consumption and understanding. It is not meant to be used as an alternative for a professional legal advice and it does not represent an authorized opinion or advice for whatever purposes. You must not depend on the information on this website as an authorized opinion or legal advice and we recommend that you consult with a legal expert.

12. General Disclaimer

The content, services and information contained therein on this website is entirely for your personal use and understanding, and teaching as a coach. We encourage you to carry out an impartial research and to also seek professional advice on the subjects offered on this website. You must not depend only on the instruction offered on this webpage as your only source of information on any subject. Relying only on such information is entirely at your own peril.

13. Links

This website may be incorporated with links to other websites which are owned by third party companies. These websites are not operated and controlled by Excellentia International Institute, and we are not responsible for any third party website visited by via a link. By clicking on a link to a third party website, you agree that Excellentia International Institute and their sponsors did not recommend and are not affiliated with the website. And, unless otherwise stated, we are not liable for any content on the linked websites.

14. Bad behaviour is not tolerated

The distribution of content that is obscene, offensive, illegal, derogatory, threatening, pornographic, violate private and public rights, etc will not be allowed on this website. And any other content that at our discretion we think is unpleasant and distasteful will not be tolerated.

You are not allowed to use our chat platforms, email service or notice boards for any commercial purpose. Our site visitors are completely answerable for the content of their own messages. We prohibit any commercial persuasion or solicitation by you of our other uses. Failure to abide by this clause may at the sole discretion of Excellential International lead to suspension or annulment of your program without any reimbursement.

15. If you send us something, you are granting us the right to use it

When you send or submit any material to us at Excellentia International Institute, you are granting us a lasting, irreversible, payment-free permission and right to use the material in any necessary. This includes, but not restricted to, emails and posting on discussion forums.

16. Recording of Weekly Group Training Classes

We always record our weekly group training classes and these recordings are used for promotional and marketing purposes, training our students and training our coaches. You agree to the use of the recordings for the said purposes without any prior notice.

We are devoted to creating an enabling environment for our coaches to train freely. In case something personal was mentioned in the recordings, we will make sure that only the first name of the person concerned is included. In addition, you can demand or request by writing to us that a particular recording in which you appear should not be used. We’ll respectfully honour such request.

17. Accuracy and Changes

All facts and information presented by Excellentia international institute are understood to be accurate as at the time of placing them on our website. Course content, product offers, terms and other information presented on the site can be modify without any notice.

18. Modification to Services, the Content or the Website

Excellentia International Institute has the right to change, modify or put an end to the content, the services or this website at any time with or without any notification. You agree that Excellentia International Institute is not answerable to you or any third party for any change, modification, suspension or an end to the content, the services or this website.

19. Termination

We reserve the right to withdraw or discard any content and stop you from using the services if Excellentia International Institute found out that i) you have contravened or acted contrary to the letter of these terms and conditions, ii) you violate the moral ethics set down by the International Coach Federation, iii) non-payment of fees.

You agree that the termination of your right to use the content, services or this website as stipulated in this terms and conditions of use can be effected without any notification. And you also agree that Excellential International Institute may without any delay deactivates your account, delete all files or information connected to your account, or prevent any future access to such files or services. We may also withdraw your Graduation Certificate as well as your license to use our material, except not approved by Excellentia International Institute. Also, you agree that the institute will not be responsible to you or any third party for the termination of your right to use the services, unless as stipulated in clause 12.

20. Satisfaction Guarantee

The payment of fees confirms your commitment to the coaching program.
Excellentia International Institute maintains a 15 day window to refund payment in case you decide to opt out of the program for no reasons. But before you’re eligible for a refund, you must notify Excellencia International Institute in writing not later than 15 days after your enrollment date and fill an ‘Enrollment Variation’ form (send message to contact@excellentiainstitute.com to obtain the form).
In addition to that, if you finished the entire program, you may ask for a complete refund in case of dissatisfaction. You must notify Excellencia International Institute in writing not later than 15 days after your last session date and fill an ‘Refund Form (send message to contact@excellentiainstitute.com to obtain the form).

21. Indemnity, and not an employee or agent.

You accept to indemnify and keep Excellentia International Institute, its subordinates, associates, officials, representatives, co-branders or other partners, and members of staff, free from any claim or demand, as well as realistic attorneys’ fees, made by any third party as a result of any item you present, post to or send out through the website, your use of the website, the content and the services, your breach of these Terms and Conditions, your abuse of any rights of another, or your providing, or lack of provision of, coaching services to any third party. This does not have an effect on the consumers’ statutory rights.

You admit and agree that in offering coaching services to any third party, you are neither a representative nor a member of staff of Excellentia International Institute.