Managing progress and accountability

It to the importance of another ICF core competence which is: Managing Progress and Accountability.

How would it feel, investing time, money attention and all other resources just to do something whose progress we can’t measure or even hold or be held accountable, it should very frustrating !.

“success is a steady progress towards one’s personal goals “Jim Rohn.

What does “managing progress and accountability” mean for a coach, and why is one of the core competencies

As a coach, you have been helping your client, you have helped him/her to set clear goals, and to reasonably design an action plan, the next important role to play as a coach is to manage every progress your client makes, every step he/she moves towards his/her goals.

A competent coach holds attention on what is important for the client, and leaves responsibility with them to act.

The coach’s skillful use of accountability can be very effective in motivating the clients, because it is the call for action, challenge and a way to breakdown big goals into measurable mini goals.

The coach holds the client accountable for what they say they are going to do, by positively confronting him/her with the fact he/she didn’t take agreed upon actions. He/she also develops the client’s ability to make decisions, address key concerns and to determine priorities.

There many ways as a coach could manage the clients progress and hold them accountable depending on the coaching agreement .

Some coaches would ask the clients some questions at every end of a coaching session, for example:

  • what is the major thing you have taken out of today’s session?
  • What is your homework?
  • What is that thing that I have said in today’s session that has been very impactful?
  • Which new ideas are you walking away with today?
  • When is our next meeting? this reminds the client to work on the homework before they meet the coach again.

Others could choose to do it by mail, where they send a couple of follow up questions to the clients and get their response to the questions not to exceed a given agreed upon period of time. Either way, you choose as a coach.

It is also essential for a coach to listen to the client’s achievements at every beginning of a coaching session to check on their progress and to see if there are any fruits that resulted from the previous coaching session.

Remember, the client is here to partner with you the coach, to move from where he/she is now to where he/she wants to be, so you need to master the skillful way to manage progress and accountability if you are to help your client.

accountability and progress