Executive coaching

What is Executive Coaching? It is a modified leadership developmental process usually delivered by a qualified and experienced professional (a coach) to assist executive managers and their organization. Executive coaching has been greatly adopted by many organizations for leadership development.

The business environment is so demanding that executive managers hardly have time to develop their selves as a leader. Executive managers have limited opportunity to dedicate time and energy for self development. Most executives find it difficult to discharge the responsibilities required of their positions. They are either too busy or too stressed to learn from their experience. Most executive managers struggle to implement best management practices that will lead to organizational development.  Report has it that about 40% of executive managers fails in their roles within the first few years of their appointment.

Executive coaching helps to proffer solutions to some of the challenges executives faced in the course of their duty. Coaching is needed to bring out the executive skills, growth and developmental requirement expected of mangers. The importance of executive coaching goes beyond resolving poor performance issues or correcting behavioral problems.

Why should organizations hire an Executive Coach?

The need for an Executive coach covers both problem solving and the importance of leadership development. Executive coaches are change and growth oriented, they help to refocus and supplement the managerial skills of their clients. They help to accelerate the learning curve for newly promoted executives and those with high potentials. Below are some of the reasons why you should hire an Executive coach.

  • To improve the leadership skills of experienced and high-potential Executives.
  • To help executive managers know how to settle interpersonal conflict among their employees.
  • To build leadership and management skills among their technical personnel.
  • To proffer solutions to behavioral problems at the managerial level
  • To improve the chance of newly promoted managers to succeed

Benefits of executive coaching to the managers and the organization

  • It promotes executive learning
  • Executive coaching improves the morale of the manager, thereby creating a positive working environment.
  • Improves the corporate performance of managers
  • It improves individual and organizational performance
  • It positively affects the culture of the organization
  • Executive coaching increases leadership effectiveness
  • Leads to personal and organizational improvements
  • It leads to greater productivity and promotes good relationships with clients


In conclusion, the problem with most organization is that they believe when an employee rise to the executive level, he or she should naturally be able to discharge the duties accordingly. They expect them to able to perform under pressure, inspire and implement new ideas, and they should be current and keep the skills sharp. In fact, they expect them to have all the answers and solutions. But in reality, these individuals can’t do all these on their own. They need the assistance of a professional executive coach who will improve their management and leadership skills. Executive coach will help them to reach the desired heights in no time.

Executive coaching can give your organization the competitive edge.