Creating awareness

This competence refers to the coach’s ability to integrate and accurately evaluate multiple sources of information and make interpretations that will help a client gain awareness and thereby achieve the agreed upon results.

To create awareness, the coach goes beyond what is said in accessing the client’s concerns and he/she doesn’t get hooked in the client’s description, but to invoke inquiries for greater understanding, awareness and clarity, this in turn helps the client to understand the underlying concerns, to differentiate between facts and interpretations.

The coach does this through an active expression of engagement in the coaching relationship, through types of communication patterns such as: observation, curiosity, reflecting, questioning and presence.

A coach knows and understands that we often see things the way we are, not the way they are, so the more the client gets more awareness on what is actually is going on his/her life, the more he /she is likely to get closer to achieve a given goal.

Through coaching presence,  the coach should pay attention to those moments in the coaching process when the client is likely to be developing new awareness and be careful not to interrupt but  rather to listen actively, these times are usually when the client pauses a little bit to think after a powerful question, reflection or observation, you could hear the client say something like “ that is an interesting question” or “ that an interesting idea”.

So, for the client it is a process of developing insights and gaining an understanding on what is happening inside themselves, whether emotional, intellectual or spiritual.

This is a critical stage on the journey to achieving the client’s goals, and a professional coach knows that this stage in the coaching process comes long before the he/she can start helping the client solve any problems or going further to establish the “what to do and where to go”.